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Barn Door Track Specification and Installation

  • 11/24/2020 9:36:00 AM
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Barn doors allow you to create a feature out of your door, turning a standard opening into a moveable work of art. CS provides the hardware to allow you to realise your vision with a Barn Door Track that is strong, smooth running and available with optional soft close. This trend in New Zealand home design looks to be here for a while, so we've come up with a few tips to ensure you get the right product for the job. Once you know what you require, head to the 'Where to Buy' section on our website to find a local reseller.

CS Barn Door Track Benefits

  • Track is adjustable
  • Available with SofStop® soft open and close
  • Suitable for very heavy doors
  • Fixings are hidden by track bracket system
  • Ultra-smooth running acetal wheels
  • Anti-jump system
  • Pre-machined mounting holes

How to specify

To ensure your door sits the right distance away from the wall, select the correct bracket option, either narrow or wide. Narrow brackets typically suit doorways with flush detailing or slim architraves and doors. Wide brackets are suitable for thick doors or doorways with non-standard architraves and skirting. Check the required measurement from the wall to the outside face of the door (including clearance and architraves).

40 - 61mm (Narrow option)
62 - 80mm (Wide option)

Download a site measure form to help you calculate the correct track length and fixing height.


  • Tracks are available in pre-cut lengths from 6 – 19 feet (1.8 - 5.8 metres). The system is sold as a complete kit including: track, fixing bracket and hanger pack for one door.
  • Hanger Packs include everything required for a single door up to 180kg, including two hanger brackets and bolts, two end stops and a T-Guide. Additional hangers can be used on very heavy doors. Stainless components are available on request. Contact our sales team for more information
  • CS SofStop® packs are available for doors up to 100kg. Order one pack for soft close or two packs for soft open & close.


There must be enough strength in the wall to mount the track. The stud wall must be level and solid enough to support the door weight. The track is supplied with coach screws suitable for use with timber framing. For fixing to concrete walls, masonry anchors must be used. Installation is done in three simple steps:

  1. Fix the bracket to the wall through the pre-machined holes
  2. Fix the track to the bracket and adjust out from the wall
  3. Lift the door onto the track and position the T-Guide and end stops


The CS Barn Door Track has become the default choice for large, heavy or oversized doors. We have supplied track for a number of unique projects, including multiple doors on one long track, exterior tracks with stainless steel components and extra heavy doors over 180kg.

Wooden doors are typically used to create the traditional American Barn Door look. For a modern aesthetic, try a flush painted door or a CS NewYorker. Glazed doors enable light flow through the glass when the door is closed. View more photos of sliding door tracks.






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