About | CS for Doors

From humble beginnings

CS FOR DOORS started out in 1986 as Cavity Sliders Limited, a small family owned business. Founders Phil and Colleen Kenny believed there was a gap in the New Zealand door market for quality cavity sliding units so they set about with the mission to engineer and manufacture the best and most innovative door systems possible.

Because our doors are often hidden out of sight in cavities within walls, you may not be aware of how many places they are used. We have a huge range of cavity sliding systems and related products to choose from, suitable for both residential and commercial applications, including special systems for disabled access and healthcare, automatic cavity sliders and self closing options and acoustically rated cavity sliders.

To Kiwi success story

Because we like a challenge, we also make to specification. In fact we're willing to try almost anything when it comes to doors! Over the years our range has grown to include aluminium doors and handles that suit our cavity sliders, track systems that allow a door to slide alongside the wall and even hinged aluminium door jambs.

We provide custom automated product to innovative NZ manufacturing companies such as Exeloo and Stainless Downunder, who export product all over the world.

Contact us today for more information and ideas. Never hear a door slam in the wind again!