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Commercial Bay

  • 7/14/2020 1:12:00 PM
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Commercial Bay in Downtown Auckland is one of the biggest shopping malls in New Zealand and has recently opened to the public. This landmark development, designed by Warren & Mahoney and built by Fletcher Construction combines shopping, entertainment, and dining together in one place.

CS FOR DOORS was initially contacted about automatic cavity sliders by Fletcher Construction with multiple requirements: each unit had its own individual demands, such as high transit access points, accessible toilets and elevator shaft hinged doors. All units had to be tailored to solve each specific setup with activation packs to suit out of the ordinary situations like closing against the glass window of a shop or needing to be linked to the Building Security System.

CS supplied eleven AutoCav units with AluTec door leaves for the accessible toilets and shop entrances. The AutoCav has a variety of access control options available, from simple push button to touchpad, swipe key, and other options compatible with different safety systems. Some doors were painted custom colours in house. For the high transit access point, we provided a Bi-Parting AutoCav with Frameless Glass doors. These glass doors are 4.4m high x 1.5m wide and required seven people to deliver and install each one.  

This project took around three years in the making, from initial design discussions with the architects and the construction company back in July 2017 to the final delivery and commissioning right on time for the grand opening on the 11th June 2020. Our project manager and AutoCav department were highly involved all the way through. During this time, there were many challenges, including restricted access for oversized units, tight timeframes and a global pandemic but we managed to overcome every single one of them to deliver our units on time and within specification.




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