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Designing Cavity Sliders for Access and Usability

  • 6/21/2021 10:02:00 AM
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Designing Cavity Sliders for Access and Usability

Designing Cavity Sliders for Access and Usability

Accessibility requirements for sliding doors can often be a grey area within building design. Whether you are specifying, supplying, or installing openings for public or commercial use it is important to be aware of the requirements of these openings to ensure they comply with NZS4121. Cavity sliders have become increasingly popular in public facilities because they are comparatively much easier to manoeuvre through than swinging openings and do not require extra swing space for the door to open.



Cavity Slider requirements to comply with NZS4121:2001

Minimum door width is 910mm

The door will protrude 100mm from the pocket when the door is fully open, allowing clearance for hardware and enabling 760mm clear walk through. Door clear opening widths and turning circles need to take into account that wheelchairs are not all of a standard size with power wheelchairs being larger than manual wheelchairs. For increased clear walk-through, a wider door leaf may be more suitable. Ensure clear opening widths for toilet doors suit the sizes of anticipated wheelchairs and take account of the need to turn from corridors.

Sliding Door Hardware

Where a cavity slider door is used, fit a handle with a lever action and the end of the handle returned towards the door. Many wheelchair users may not have the dexterity to use their fingers, so door locks should be able to be operated with a clenched fist. The door opening pressure should not exceed 22N.

CL400 ADA Magnetic handle can be operated with a closed fist


In case of emergency, door locks should be capable of being opened from the outside. Choose a handle with an emergency release mechanism to allow the door to be opened from the outside should the need arise.

CaviLock CL400 ADA and CL100 LaviLock handles have an emergency release mechanism


Fit the handle between 900mm and 1200mm (optimum 1000mm) above the finished floor level


Reliable Solutions


CS EasyOpen Cavity Slider

The CS EasyOpen WC system is the benchmark for accessible toilets in commercial buildings and public spaces.

By specifying the EasyOpen cavity slider with a door and CL100 LaviLock or CL400 ADA (handle and lock), there is no need to have a separate toilet for disabled patrons.


CaviLock CL100 LaviLock

A commercial-grade disabled toilet access lock for sliding toilet doors. ‘VACANT' and 'IN USE' indication is etched into the side plates. Locks are handed so that setting up exit free is as simple as ordering the correct hand lockset.

Cavilock CL400 ADA Magnetic

The CL400 ADA is most suitable for residential or light commercial use. The ADA range has been designed to be easily interchanged with any existing CL400 handle, providing flexible retrofit options for building owners.

How to specify (example)


 CS EasyOpen WC Cavity Slider by CS FOR DOORS


 Toilet D801

 Door leaf dimensions:

 1980mm x 910mm

 Door type:

 Flush Solid Core

 Door finish:


 Jamb type & finish

 Aluminium P/C Matt Titania

 Framing material & size:

 90mm timber framing

 Wall lining thickness:


 Handle type:

 CL100 LaviLock RH Snib

 Handle finish:

 Satin Chrome

 Handle fitting height:





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