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Titirangi House

  • 6/3/2020 9:53:00 AM
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Three CS Cavity Sliders have been used in this residential renovation and extension project in Titirangi by Qualitas Builders. The use of cavity sliders gives this newly renovated home an open plan layout and creates more space.

An OvertakingDoors cavity slider provides a wide opening between the kitchen and home office without requiring too much wall space for the pocket. The two glazed doors close off the office when not in use, yet enable light to flow through between rooms. SquareStop detail on the cavity continues the clean lines used throughout the refurbishment.

For the entrance to the kitchen area, a 2m high x 1.2m wide BraceWall Cavity Slider has been used. This product can be used in walls where wall bracing is required and once installed and lined, the finished appearance is the same as that of a regular cavity slider. The clear glass door enables the opening to be closed off for warmth and privacy without blocking light or sight lines. The addition of SofStop ensures the door is closed gently and quietly.

This project also included the creation of a self-contained unit with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and laundry room. To make the best use of limited space in this area, a CS SquareFormed Cavity slider has been used. This solution provides a seamless, clean flow around doorways and separates the laundry area from the kitchen. With no closing jamb and full height detail, the door is unobtrusive when the door is fully open, and the area is neatly hidden when the door is closed. Ply panel has been added to the sides of the cavity to enable the installation of a splashback in the kitchen and tiles on the bathroom wall.

The team at Qualitas Builders have used CS Cavity Sliders in several of their projects, trusting the peace of mind that comes from using high quality functional products.

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Contractor: Qualitas Builders  



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