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Cavity Sliders in Wet Areas

  • 2/11/2020 12:21:00 PM
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CS Cavity Sliders are a practical space-saving solution for bathrooms, en suites, laundry and other wet areas, saving precious space. Consider the following points to ensure you have no issues with installation:  

  • - H3.1 treated jambs, nogs and skirting blocks may be required (all available from CS FOR DOORS).
  • - Ensure that the door is properly sealed on all sides including the edges
  • - Use doors with steel inserts for extra stability and to reduce the risk of the door bowing
  • - Check where the plumbing needs to run – it cannot run in the pocket, so a false wall beside the pocket may be required 
  • - If you are tiling, we can supply the cavity with ply on the side to be tiled
  • - Tiling your pocket or running a false wall beside your cavity pocket will require a non-standard width jamb on one side which we can easily provide for you

For more light flow in bathrooms or en-suites, CS FramelessGlass Cavity Sliders are a good solution. There are many different glass options available including frosted, tinted, printed or branded.

Another nice choice is the CS MirrorLite door. The unique design allows the mirror to cover the entire face of the door, making it suitable for en-suites, walk-in robes and bathrooms and creating an illusion of spaciousness.


Ply Panel Cavity Sliders in a Tiled Application

CS Cavity Sliders from CS FOR DOORS are suitable for tiling onto if required. It is necessary to ensure the correct installation procedure is followed and a suitable tile substrate is fixed to the cavity pocket. The cavity wall needs to be correctly waterproofed, and cavity slider, tiles and wall linings must all be installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions to be compliant.

For especially heavy tiles or if the cavity pocket is to form part of the shower enclosure it is recommended that the cavity pocket is manufactured with a 17mm H3.1 sheet of plywood in the frame. Double lining the cavity pocket with suitable wallboard and tile substrate will also provide additional protection.      

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