Door blends into the surrounding wall when not in use

Overtaking CS NewYorker doors

CS AutoCav automated pocket door installed in a penthouse in NYC

OvertakingDoors Cavity Slider with NewYorker doors divide large space

Two large pivot doors form a moveable wall

Lockable sliding door dividers for sales office

CS door system enables an area of the small library to be easily closed off

A 3 metre high x 4 metre wide sliding whiteboard enables flexible use of space.

CS Overtaking Doors cavity sliders provide multiple options for classroom layouts

CS FOR DOORS has been supplying doors to Exeloo since the early 1990’s, continually developing our products to suit the ever changing requirements of public toilets

Glazed sliding door solution for branches across NZ

Extra wide cavity sliding X-RayBarrier doors, fully automatic cavity sliders and a customised stacking door set