AutoPivot system with AluTec door

AutoPivot system with AluTec door

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The CS AutoPivot makes a stunning feature entrance way. The innovative design allows for oversized automated pivot doors. It has been engineered as a complete pivot door system designed to provide you with the ultimate in door luxury. Minimal door clearance and a simple adjustment method enable you to create a smooth, clean finish.
High quality components have been designed for all parts of the system, ensuring reduced servicing intervals and product longevity. The system is extremely flexible with a multitude of control settings and functions available.
It is supplied as a complete system with the top and bottom pivot gear pre-fitted to the door and the motor and gearbox installed within the supplied lintel.

  • - Maximum door weight: 400kg
  • - Supplied with a 75mm thick AluTec door, available in a range of finishes
  • - Supplied with a lintel, available in a range of finishes
  • - Pivot mechanism is easy to install and adjust
  • - Enquire about our install & commission services
  • - Compatible with most control switching devices
  • - Door moved to a “service position” allows for the motor to be removed from the lintel without the door being removed. The door can be used manually while motor is serviced.

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