Intermediate Classroom Dividers

  • 6/7/2016 3:08:00 PM
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CS was asked to create a solution for two sets of cavity sliders separating Music and Drama rooms at Ponsonby Intermediate School. The school required a robust cavity solution with full sized mirrors on one side of the door and paint finish flush doors on the other. The major hurdle to overcome was the size: at 3.3m wide these were no ordinary cavity doors!

The solution incorporated Cavity Sliders with AluSealed jambs, providing an easy to finish detail and jambs capable of taking the knocks of a school environment.

The mirror doors at 2.1m x 3.3m presented us with a real challenge - these doors were too large to create in a single piece of glass and using timber doors as a base was ruled out due to the inherent risk of distortion that a timber door this size would present.

The final solution was to use three CS Mirrorlite doors, comprising a full sized mirror fixed to a fully aluminium frame. The three leaves were permanently joined using our innovative CS Actalink system. The Actalink uses the strength of rare earth magnets mounted on a suspension system. The doors act as one and cannot be readily separated. The opposite face of the door was finished with MDF and painted to match the surrounding decor. 


Architect: MCJ Architects

Contractor:  Shakthi Construction

Products used in this project:



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