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SofStop Combos

  • 4/16/2021 3:46:00 PM
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SofStop Combos

The CS SofStop Combo

This combo is a complete Cavity Slider package including standard size Soft Close cavity slider, pre-machined steel-reinforced Door and a Satin Chrome CaviLock CL200 privacy handle

Conveniently packaged as a bundle so you have everything you need:
Cavity Slider, Door with steel insert, and Satin Chrome privacy handle

We factory machine the handle cutout, door groove and mounting plate holes, ensuring a perfect fit and saving you time on site.

Why Choose the SofStop Combo?

  • Reduce labour time with factory machined door prep
  • Steel reinforced door reduces the risk of bowing
  • SofStop® track for gentle soft close, preventing slamming & injury
  • Save time by making one purchase in one store
  • Pine Architrave or Grooved jambs
  • Four standard sizes available: 710, 760, 810, 860mm

Where to buy:

Order from your usual door supplier or purchase online from Placemakers:

Click here to see a list of suppliers near you: 


Find out more about SofStop Cavity Sliders

View the complete CaviLock cavity slider handle range



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